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How to modify the 303 servo motor    

1. Release the screws of the motor case then divide the case. .


2. Divide the screws and the wahser and nuts on the potential meter.


3. Take the motor part out from the bottom of the axis with a screw driver.

   Earase the contents as the pictures in the upper and lower rids.

   After the assembling, the axis has to spin normally


4.  Connect the 2.2K resisters as the pictures, the resisters have to head together to the yellow line and the rests have to
    head to the green and red lines. And solder them..


5. Take the projecting part out from the main geer clearly.


6. Assemble the motor case with the consideration of the direction of the assembled potential meter.
   Check the axis is taken out completely.


7. Assemble the motor and the geer as the pictures. Check the spinning of the geer.



8. Rid the upper case of the motor and screw it for the last step. You'd better to check the working of the axis.




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