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◎ How to assemble PowerAntRobot(using the

◆ Assembling PowerAntRobot PCB

1. Check all the components with the list in your kit.


2. Let's solder  power supply part.


3.Solder header Pin , buzzer , Dip sw


4.Solder 40pin cpu socket, ISP port, 20PIN, 14PIN, 8PIN  IC socket.


5. Solder LED, resistor, IR sensor socket .

6. Let's make antenna sensor. this sensor is used by limit switch. .


6. Let's solder limit switch, resistor, header pin socket on the PCB board.


7. after finish antenna sensor module,  connect it with cpu main board.



◆ Assembling body of Power Ant Robot

1. first, check part list and assemble the body of power ant robot.


2. Assemble the legs of power ant robot as shown in fig.


3. Glue 4legs with base body of power ant robot as shown in fig.


4. Let's assemble the middle leg supporter as shown in fig.

5. Bend the leg connection wires from front legs to back legs.


6. Settle the left and right servo motors into the main robot body with screws and nuts.


7. Settle servo motors into the main robot' legs with wire as shown in fig


Assemble the middle leg using 'ㄱ' type frame and servo motor.


9. Let's mount CPU main board on the PowerAntRobot Base Body. and set nuts with screw driver.


10. 이제 , 로봇이 완성되었으면 개미로봇이 걸어갈 것이다. 그러나, 각각의 동작 프로그램을 사용자들이
직접 작성하여 AT90S8515 cpu에 넣는 방법을 알아보도록 하자...AT90S8515(AVR)은 ISP기능이 있어서
ISP케이블만 있으면 "롬라이터"라는 장비가 필요없이도 저가의 "ISP케이블"만 으로도 프로그램을 집어 넣을
수 있다는 장점을 가지고 있다. 그럼, 사용법을 알아보자.


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