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How to assemble the 80196kit  

1. Check the components with the list.
2. Devide the main board and the communication board.


3. Put the IC socket into then solder it. Remain the 64pin PLCC socket for the last soldering.
The IC socket which has a groove on top should head to No. IC1 side.
 Put the 27C256 into on top of the 62256 by the round socket. Make the the middle of the 80c196 socket then solder it.




4. Solder the Christal(Y1) / 20pF ceramic condenser 2EA / Condenser / 104 Condenser in the middle of the
   80c196 socket.  Solder the 4.7K resistor 3EA/ 104 Condenser/ 10uF Electrolytic condenser. 

Caution) 10uF electrolytic condenser has the polarity, the long lead and black side is (+).


Solder the 3 switches(Push SW S1, S2, S3)
    Solder the JP1 / J5

  104 Solder the condenser 3EA / Header pin female.


6. solder header pin male(J2: for LCD ), header pin female(JP1, Serial port J5 board).



5. Solder header pin female(J1, J3, J4). it is extension port.



    /* Solder header pin male(J1, J3, J4) as shown in fig  */

Put the IC from the 62256. Put the 2 jumpers into the JP1 vertically.

6. Put the IC socket U4 for 61256 RAM.  put the U1(80c196kc), U2(74HC573), U4( 27C256 ROM),
   U5(16V8).  put the jumper socket in the JP1 header pin .


참고 : JP1에는 점퍼2개를 세로로 꼽는다(27C256,29C256사용시) 가로로 꼽을 때는 28C256을 사용한다

7. Making the communication board(Max232)
 (solder the header pin female J6, IC socket U6,  connector maleJ7, J8 and condencer 22uF 4EA)


8. connect the communication board  with 80c196kc main board


9. Make a
communication cable.



** 9 pin connector : No2 pin(Red), No3 pin(White), No5 pin(Black).


Put the power into. Be careful the direction. If the polarity is changed, the board will be out of order.
  You should check the memory at the communication situation and download one file for make sure



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