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How to assemble Ant Hexapod #1(Use the AT89C2051)

1. Check the 2051CPU board and main board components list.


2. Solder the 2051CPU .
IC socket U2, Christal Y2, 30pF ceramic condenser C5,C6, 104 mono condenser C7,
        10uF electrolytic condenser C4, Resistance 10K ohm R2, hearder male connector)



  Solder as the direction of the IC that the socket which has a groove contacts with silk

screen. For the electrolytic condenser is the white line(-), consider the direction.

3. Solder Header pin female J4, J5, Header pin male J7, J10(J7,10 angle type) toggle S/W,
   push button S/W,
2P connector male, 10uF electrolytic condenser (white vertical line-),
   104pF miler condenser


4. Solder the battery case onto BS1,2,3,; the Headerpin male onto J8 ,LEFT1, RIGHT1, MID1;
 resistance 330 ohm onto R1,R3 ; resistance 1K ohm onto R9,R10 ; LED onto D3,D4 ; Limit S/W

  into MS1,MS2.
 Put LEFT1,RIGHT1,MID1 up from the board then solder them.




5. Glue the connection and Ant legs.  Tape the double-sided tape on the center of
   the servo
motor bottom.



6. Settle the left and right servo motors into the main board with screws and nuts.
   And glue the center servo motor. Please consider the location for legs.


Assemble legs into the main board with the components of the servo motor
screws and axis link)


After the assembling, cut the middle legs to contact a ground. Don't cut them too
Be careful to screw too much because it will walk.

8. Bend the leg connection wires as 115cm from front legs to back legs.


Solder the horns of the ants onto limit S/W and combine it with the leg link wires.



When you solder wires and limit S/W, the soldering paste will be able to help you. Don't forget

that reinforce the soldering part with rapping wires.

10. Be careful the direction of the CPU board to the main board. Combine battery also.

The AT89C2051 chip of the CPU board should be headed to toggle S/W.

Before power on, release the 3 screws on the servo motor. At the situation, check the

balance of the right and left motor. If the balance is wrong, take off the motor link and

assemble again.



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