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How to assembling Linetracer


 1. Check your partlist in your kit.


 2. Let's solder IC Socket U1,U2,U3,U4 condecer 104pF C4,C5,C6,C7 Cystal Y1
     Capacitors 30pF C2,C3


3. Let's solder resistor 1K ohm R7, capacitor 10uF C1, 2P connector Male J5,
  toggle S/W SW, buzzer BU1(check capacitor, buzzer polarity )

׸ ϸȴ.

4. Let's solder LED D7,D8,D9, resistor 330ohm R8,R9,R10 2P connector male J3,J4.



5. Let's solder 6P header pin female(J1,J2), battery socket BOX1,BOX2,BOX3


6. Check a sensor board or partlist. solder resistor 1.2Mohm( R1,R2,R3) ,


7. Let's solder 6P header pin female(J6,J7) Ir-sensor ST-7L(D1,D2,D3)

8. Connect sensor board with  main board using 2 header pin male(red spots).
   put IC chip in sockets.

9. Assemble DC motor with bolt or nuts and ball caster(red spot), wheels. .


10.   Assemble
terminal as shown



11. Assemble supporter and nuts.


12. Assemble this robot with body base, main board, sensor board as shown



13. How to works
    Place linetracer on the black line of Track Board. the robot is thus informed of the place or is the line to follow
   The moving direction of it can be varied by the program ,  Make your program by your self ....ΰ


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