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LineBug(Using Servo Motor)

1. Check your part list in you kit.


2. Let's soldering LED D3,D4  resister R2, R3  and ic socket U1 ,  header male Pin (16p)J6.



3. Let's soldering buzzer LS2,  header pin female(6P)J7,   capacitor 10uF according to polarity.

     (buzzer, capacitor is marked by positive polarity at side of it)


4. Let's solder Milers Condencer 104pF (  C2 . C3),  reset push swithc S1,  connector (2P) male CN1.


5.Let's solder Battery Socket  BS1,BS2,BS3 Toggle S/W, header Pin Male(4p).



6. Let's solder  IC socket U1 , resistor R1(10K) , Cystal Y1,  capacitor 10uF( C1,)  at the AT89C2051 cpu  main board PCB.



7.  Let's make a sensor board. you have to solder resistors(1.2M ohm) R1,R5,R7   resistors (10 ohm)R4,R6,R8,
    header female pin( 5P)J1, J4.  and  Ir -receiver PT1,PT2,PT3    IR_LED D5,D7,D9  according to polarity



8. Assembling body Part.



9. Sodering header female J2,J5(6P)  ,  header male (3P)LEFT1, RIGHT1 as  shown in [Fig]




10. Connect servo motor to header pin as below Fig ( Motor - PCB( Yellow-Y, Red-R, Black-B)






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