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The Producing procedure of the Arm Robot

 * Components List

1. Components list of the grip part


2.Components list of the middle part


3. Rotary part and Base board          


 * Producing Procedure

1. Assembling of the grip part


    ㉠   Glue this part of the grip.


 ㉡   Don't screw these parts too tight.      


㉢   Attach the motor at the last and use the HS-81.

 ㉣   The wire shouldn't be too thin for the moving of the grip.


㉤   Glue the middle part and put it on the grip. 

2.Assembling of the middle part

  ㉠   Use the components in the motor.

  ㉡   HS-303 motor

  ㉢   Connect the grip part with the middle part.

  ㉣   Assemble them for the vertical and horizontal moving of the grip.

  ㉤   Put it at the center of the motor angle range then screw the bolt.

  ㉥   The support is used for fixing of the middle part.

  ㉦   They are the bottom part and moving on the contrary in the operating range.

  ㉧   This is for the connection with the bottom of the middle part and moving up and down with the the angle of the lower motor.    

 ㉨  Put it at the center of the motor angle range.

   ㉩  Fix it with the support.

   ㉪  Connection of the upper side and lower side of the middle part  /   Upper connection part

 3. Assembling of the base board and rotary part

   ㉠  USe the HS-303 motor


   ㉡  Fix the rotary board and the middle part into the iron construction.

   ㉢  Connect the lower part motor with the rotary board.

   ㉣  Connect the both of the parts for the duration of the frame weight.


    ㉤  Upper side of the connection part

    ㉥  The completed product only except the base board.


     ㉦   The completed product     



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