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  title   What is Roboblck Robot Kits ?
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What is Roboblck Robot Kits ?

It is an asembly-robot system to make blocks together into various type of robot through such a simple procedure as connecting main module to a several type sub module like servomotor(HS-303), coupling device, and other micro device...

after a robot is shapecd, sensor module should be installed to help robot's sense-perception of circumstances. Various kinds of sensor modules such as touch-sensor, light-sensor, temperature-sonsor, distance-sensor and infrared-rays sensor ard offered to built-in.

The robot-control software is composed of AVRBasic2000, AVR C Compiler and VARLab. As a robot-control language, such a simple command language like C language, Basic language and Icon-Mode is used that even beginner can set program without any difficulty.....

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