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we finished development of roboblock Basic2K4 software for servo motor control, it is free software , everybody can downloading it in our website with free ..you can control many RC Servo Motor using Servo motor controller with RoboBlock Basic2K4 software....

Basic Servo controller is a AT90S2313 Microcontroller based Servo Motor Controller board that accepts RS-232 Serial data from a host computer and outputs PWM (Pulse-Width-Modulated) signals to control up to eight RC(radio-controlled, i.e. model airplanes, Cars, etc) Servo Motors. and unused 8 servo motor ports and 3 I/O Port can be configured as digital outputs for controlling on/off devices. LED displays can be driven directly by the pins but devices such as relays and

solenoids may need a simple transistor driver circuit.

this board has the added feature of being able to run a standalone Basic Program stored on board an 8K EEPROM.

Download #1 : RbBasic2k4_setup.zip (501) Size : 1.55 MB
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