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Development of robot for education

 ROBOBLOCK System Corporation has gained a good reputation for manufacturing a robot for education, toy robot, robot control program, humanoid, 8051 AVR micro controller, block type assembly robot and micro controller since 1999.The establishment goal of our company is to provide robot-related books and programs to the people especially who are new to this kind of field. Our company is located in the Seocho Center of Seoul Software Support Center in Seocho-Ku and has its own research center for hardwares and Softwares development.

Putting out various kind of products which is cheap and easy

  Roboblock Basic2K4 softwares and applicable modules have been developed by competent staff who have doctor¡¯s and master¡¯s degree to provide an opportunity for elementary to high school students as well as the public to make their own robots and operate them.

AIBO, a puppy robot, and humanoid robot of Honda are used not only as scientific researches at a high price but also as display of technology. Soccer robots and micro mouse robots can be enjoyed only by the upper classes at present but we are certain that people can live and play with robots slowly but surely at home in the future. TV drama series ¡°KAIST¡± gave the public to understand what the robots are, but many people still find it difficult to own them, not to mention manufacturing them. In order to tackle this, we have been continuously putting out various kind of products which is cheap and easy to get and developing control devices and modules for robot controls. In addition to that, our company has been spending a lot of time on developing various kind of softwares for control devices and operation of robots.

From beginners to experts

  Our company has devoted ourselves to go ahead of other advanced countries in fundamental electronics industry and concentrate our whole mind on development of system that can be used by beginners to experts. We promise you that we will continue to put our heart and soul into developing various kind of toy robots, control devices and softwares.



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