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EzLab is ?       

1. RoboBlock Basic2K4 Kit

 EzLab is  microcontroller for Basic lang or GUI. it is easy products to control robots, electronic parts and educational kit. you can use it easily and make a program for robots. it is one in the world

1. for win98. Win2000, Win NT, Win XP

2. you can make program using CONTROL ICON

3. it is one in the world

* MainBoard Module(Servo Control Kit)

GuiBasic Servo controller is a AT90S2313 Microcontroller based Servo Motor Controller board that accepts RS-232 Serial data from a host computer and outputs PWM (Pulse-Width-Modulated) signals to control up to eight RC(radio-controlled, i.e. model airplanes, Cars, etc) Servo Motors. and unused 8 servo motor ports and 3 I/O Port can be configured as digital outputs for controlling on/off devices. LED displays can be driven directly by the pins but devices such as relays and
solenoids may need a simple transistor driver circuit.
this board has the added feature of being able to run a standalone Basic Program stored on board an 8K EEPROM.

Fig1.1 [Servo Controller Board]

1) CPU: GuiBasic Lite is used by AT90S2313 cpu, this Program for Basic Lang. is in this chip
  Everyone can use this Program ( sample Program) with free but don't make Products for it for sell

2) EEPROM: Downloading Memory for User Program. this program is stored and you can rewrite program in this Memory Chip.

3) Control Part : it is  I/O Port, Servo Control Port.

4) Voltage (VCC): +5V.

5) Ground(GND):  0V.

6) PORT : Input/Output Port is with 3 (I/00, I/01, I/02) in this module, and Ports for Servo Motor is with 8 ( SV0~SV7 ).  you can control 8 Servo Motor using this Module easily

7) Voltage Connector: Can Connect it with  +5V from Power Supply Device or Battery Cell .

8) Program DownLoading Port : you can download program to module using DownLoading Cable

* Program - GuiBasic

This Program is for GuiBasic Module, it is freeware Version. you can download program(basic) to module using this program

    - GuiBasic Install Version
    - GuiBasic Lite Version
    - GuiBasic User Manual
    - Commands Descriptions
    - GuiBasic HEX file Sourse
    - GuiBasic Module Circuit Schematic
    - Basic Program Sourse Example

* DownLoading Cable

Motor Controller board can accepts RS-232 Serial data from a host computer using this Downloading Cable.


Fig1.2 [DownLoading Cable and GuiBasic Module]   (  $ 15  )

Fig1.1 [DownLoading Cable Connecting with Module

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