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Atmel's AVR® microcontrollers have a RISC core running single cycle instructions and a well-defined I/O structure that limits the need for external components. Internal oscillators, timers, UART, SPI, pull-up resistors, pulse width modulation, ADC, analog comparator and watch-dog timers are some of the features you will find in AVR devices.
AVR instructions are tuned to decrease the size of the program whether the code is written in C or Assembly. With on-chip in-system programmable Flash and EEPROM, the AVR is a perfect choice in order to optimize cost and get product to the market quickly.


Basic Information and Introductions to AVR

Finally an AVR Mailing List Archive - Thanks Les Grant for putting this together!

New! AVRFreaks.Net The Ultimate AVR Web Site with complete information about devices, tools, applications, discussion forums.

Blitzlogic - A nice page with lots of information about AVR and other micros. Compiler and getting started information.

What is an AVR? An explanation by me, the author of this page.

Atmel Home Page - Atmel Corporation, Maker of the AVR, Flash Memory, EEPROM, RF Devices, and more! Get the latest datasheets from here. Check out the FPSLIC with 30 MIPS AVR and FPGA to create a system on a chip.  The entire Atmel web page recently was updated.  Check it out!

Omega V's AVR Resource Page - a growing collection of links and projects. Very good list. Site is in Norway.

Cornell University EE476 Course Page - Home page for college course which deals with microcontroller design and embedded control using the AVR. Currently taught by Bruce Land. Bruce and his students have produced some outstanding projects and code examples over a couple of semesters now.

Dr. Claus Kuhnel - look on the Mikrocontroller page for some links to products, programming languages, etc. For AVR, 8051, and other micros. Page is in German. Click here to translate.

The AVR Forum - Good Collection of links, FAQs, Sample Code for STK200 and STK300. Sponsored by Kanda Systems Ltd.

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Project Ideas

VK6BRO Homepage Ham Radio Related Projects including: VFO Counter/Stabilizer and Programmable PLL board.

Henry Carl Ott, N2RVQ has a nice project page with POCSAG encoder, AVR Based TNC for APRS, Radio to RS-232 interface, and more.

New collaborative effort headed by Jason Kyle to develop and AVR board that can support ISA Ethernet cards for embedded TCP/IP, web server, etc.

New! Fred Eady’s Page – Lots of good embedded stuff.  10/100 Ethernet board that interfaces with the AVR and more!

More on the Embedded Ethernet Hardware - Information about interfacing an Ethernet card to the STK 300. By Dave Hudson.

Embedded 10BaseT Ethernet - This project was originally done with a PIC, but was converted to a MegaAVR Controller. Uses Crystal CS8900 Ethernet Chip. Responds to IP Pings in 10 mS. Glad to see another convert to the AVR! This page is back!! Gary's original source file up here in case the site disappears. Source File. Gary has done a nice job with his new site. Glad I found it again.

Cornell University EE 476 Spring 2000 final Projects - Bruce Land's students have outdone themselves again! Some real nice efforts again this year. This course applies the AVR to embedded control projects. It is good to see the AVR making headway into the academic world. These students should be well prepared for the real world.

A Really Cool Site - With IR, Robots, Keyboard Interface, Example Code and more! Has some good information on Neural Networks and Basic Stamps as well.

Digibox Interface - A project for repeating IR control codes from a VCR to control a Satellite Receiver

Local Interconnect Network (LIN) - This protocol is a low speed subset of CAN and is supported by the AVR using this new Atmel Application note. Since this app note supports the slave function, how about a master LIN controller? LIN is a single master, multiple slave architecture.

Alberto Ricci Bitti Home Page - The author of this page has some award winning designs. Video generation by an AVR controller, simple and elegantly useful circuit ideas, some PIC stuff too.

Atmel AVR RISC Controllers - This page contains some excellent ideas for microcontroller based projects. The pagemaster, Dhananjay V. Gadre, has a book in the works. I want to build the 2343 based Morse keyer.  Buy the book to get all the source code.

Omega V's AVR Resource Page - a growing collection of links and projects. Very good list.

An Interesting AVR Page - has RC5, PC Keyboard, Printf, and some other interesting stuff.

Claudio Lanconelli's Home Page - Look under his projects for a programmer for AVR and PIC as well as his AVR Mini Threads Kernel and future work using AVR with CAN.

AVR+USB - Interfacing an AVR to National Semiconductor USB Controller. Includes Pascal source code. Part of Antii Lukats' Sistudio site. Home of the original SimmStick.

Jack's AVR Page - Home of JAVR Basic. Jack has some nice projects including interfacing a Dallas Semiconductor Real-Time-Clock to an AVR. Check out JAVR Basic and the floating point library as well as the handy timer and baudrate calculator. Highly recommended site!

Larry Barello has some great code examples for some various robotics functions. Also check out the nice RTOS kernel and monitor for AVR that he has done.

90 day timer - A project that I have been working on. This is a work in progress, so it may change and suggestions are welcomed. This is a little timer using a 90S2343 with internal RC oscillator and 4 LEDs. One LED flashes to let you know the thing is running. The other LEDs turn on after approximately 30, 60, and 90 days. Uses EEPROM so you don't lose more than an hour when power goes out. I haven't implemented the reset yet.

Steve Lawther's Page - has some great projects including WX Station, LCD tester, DS1820 Thermometer, Robotics, USB, and some PIC stuff too.

AppleCyber - Grant Stockley has some outstanding projects that involve the AVR, including a sound player. This site may have moved. Anybody know where?

Stelios Cellar - Home of the AVR Web Ring. The site contains many code examples, projects, and great links.

SniffStick - A low cost data logger based on the 90S2343/2323.

Updated! Eddie's Composting Loo fan controller - A good example of using a 90S1200 with sensor inputs and power control output. Also check out Eddie's Home Page and VCR IR Remote interface.

What am I working on now? I probably need badly to update this list. :)

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OS Kernels

Larry Barello's AvrX Kernel looks really nice. Also check out his great robotics code and other projects.

AVR Kernel - This page describes a small OS kernel for the AVR. The author also has an assembler, avra. Hopefully the kernel will be ready and posted soon.

Claudio Lanconelli's Home Page - Look under his projects for a programmer for AVR and PIC as well as his AVR Mini Threads Kernel and future work using AVR with CAN.

Terse RTOS - Anyone want to port this to AVR? Currently runs on 8051. The author has an interesting book called Flow Design for Embedded Systems.

Myke Predko - has a site packed full of information on 8051, PIC, and AVR. He has an RTOS for 8051 that looks good. Might be a candidate for porting to the AVR.

Jean Labrosse's uC-OS has been ported to AVR. I can't find the page right now but here is the file.

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Getting Started Code

AVR Software Examples - Has source code for a full duplex software UART.

Wagner Lipenharski has a very helpful microcontroller page. His page is packed with lots of code examples and interesting ideas for the AVR as well as 8051. A good resource for the beginner or expert!

Kanda Systems Ltd. also has some unsupported code for getting started. There is a PIC to AVR code converter that is useful for learning the AVR code. Look here for tools that convert IAR assembler code to/from the Atmel assembler.

The AVR Forum - Good Collection of links, FAQs, Sample Code for STK200 and STK300. Sponsored by Kanda Systems Ltd.

Dontronics Atmel Devices - also has some getting started code for the 8515.

My Infrared Security System Code. Transmitter and Receiver asm files.

K5HJ AVR Page - A fellow ham operator who has a great repository of example code. Dallas 1-Wire protocol, LCD Code, Serial, and more.

Stelios Cellar - Home of the AVR Web Ring. The site contains many code examples, projects, and great links.

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Programming Languages - Compilers and Assemblers

Jack's AVR Page - Home of JAVR Basic. Also an AVR Floating Point library and some good applications like a graphic LCD controller. Check out the handy Baud Rate, Timer, and Floating Point calculator. Look at Jack's detailed evaluation and comparison of the various compilers available for the AVR.

AVR-GCC FAQ - Bluecollar Linux page with new AVR-GCC FAQ by Kurt Stevens. This is very useful for those of us learning AVR-GCC.

Small Device C Compiler - A new open-source compiler with versions for Z80 and 8051 with versions for AVR and PIC under development. The compiler runs under Linux and Windows. This page also has some good links.

FastAVR basic compiler    - A new compiler for AVR.  Give it a try!  Bojan is looking for resellers.

E-Lab Pascal for AVR - Reportedly good for fast application development for AVR. Also provide programmers and other AVR tools. Now have Mega 161 and 163 support in the compiler.

AVR-GCC Page - The Gnu C compiler for AVR. Other GNU tools also available. Produces very good code and is freely availble. See the FAQ above.

AVR-GCC for Windows - Nice job making the GCC compiler run under Windows! This is the Atmel fur Dummies page also listed above.

AVR SmallC Compiler - A great effort being made here by Ron Kreymborg. The full version is $49 US.

CodeVision C Compiler by DHP Technology –  Another GOOD C compiler at a reasonable price.

Imagecraft - Has a reasonable cost commercial C compiler for the AVR and for several other microcontrollers too. Look for the new compilers that support the Tiny AVR family. Their prices are low enough for the hobbiest, but the products are good enough for serious development.

IAR C Compiler - A premium C compiler for the AVR. Rumored to have the best code optimization, but compare for yourself. IAR also supports a number of other microcontroller with their embedded workbench. Good if you want to keep the same IDE as you develop for different micros.

TK's Page - His AVR assembler for Linux never made it. Now links to Tom Mortensen's Page. Maybe TK will put something else up, so I'll keep the link for a while.

Freeware Assembler by Tom Mortensen. Distributed under the GNU Public License with source code. Compiled versions for Linux and DOS. I like to see free tools!

Roberto Biancardi has some information about a C compiler for AVR, lcc-avr. I'll be checking this site out more thoroughly later.

Atmel für Dummies - Site is in German. English version available  AVR-GCC for Windows and AVA.

Sistudio.com - by Antti Lukats, creator of the original SimmStick. I hope that Antti gets his page back running soon. He had some good things to offer.

Dunfield C Compiler - $99 US compiler and development kit. Also available for 68HC08, 68HC11, 68HC12, 68HC16, 8051, 8085, 8086, 8096, and 6809.

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Development Tools , Programmers, and Boards


New! BocaLabsA source for Atmega development boards.  Their MegaStack boards are available at a great price and offer expansion modules to provide RF and other functions.  Recommended site!

New! AVaRICENew Open Source Program for connecting the Atmel JTAG ICE to the GDB Debugger running under Linux.  Sorry, no Windoze version yet.  Just Linux.

Johann Aichinger's Page - Another AVR Programmer for Windows and more. This one is freeware for non-commercial use. Can connect to either serial or parallel port and supports Tiny22 and other AVR parts up to 8K. Johann also has some good information on a general electronics "Home" page.

ATMega Board - Complete with reset, ISP program connector, and more in a small form factor. Allows you to use the SMT ATMega 103 for easy prototyping. Connection by two dual row header strips. Includes 32 kHz and 4 or 6 Mhz crystals. Ideal for a robot or other project.

Horizon Electronics - a young entrepreneur ham who has an AVR single board computer as well as some other useful tools for HTML, robotics, and VC++.

Jerry Meng's Page - The BA1FB Programmer is the lowest cost way to get started programming the AVR parts. This is probably the most cost effective way to start with any microcontroller.

Test of the BA1FB Programmer - this guy has tried out the programmer. Also with AVRBASIC.

MAPP Home Page - This page has GNU Assembler, C Compiler, ISP for AVR. Also a RTOS for the AVR and an RS232 to SPI interface. Mostly geared toward Linux, but you may be able to compile the tools for other platforms as well.

Wirz Electronics - This site has a IR sensor tutorial as well as their serial LCD interface and other products. Carries the X-Programmer from JPK Microsystems for the AVR.

Lawicel - A company in Sweden that provides AVR based boards and development tools. Their new CANDIP is an AVR with CAN controller mounted on a DIP carrier. Nice!

MicroAsm by Ole Saether - A nice windows editor that can drive any command line assembler. Good to use with avrasm or the IAR assembler.

S51KQ - A site with Mega-AVR development board as well as a variety of interesting projects. Mostly Amateur Radio and Television projects. A neat site to explore! The Hams in Slovenia are doing a lot of great stuff.

A Non-Commercial AVR Parallel Mode Programmer - One of only a few available. Parallel mode programming allows you to set the RC Oscillator bit and other things you cannot do with serial SPI programming.

Claudio Lanconelli's Home Page - Look under his projects for a programmer for AVR and PIC as well as his AVR Mini Threads Kernel and future work using AVR with CAN.

SimmSticks are miniature single board computers in 30 pin SIMM form factors. There is a $500 US design contest.

Flash Designs Ltd. - Offers In Circuit Emulators for AVR as well as several other embedded microcontrollers. Their emulator can reportedly run at 30 - 40 MHz, 3.3 or 5 volts and has good C compiler support. They also sell the ImageCraft C compiler and offer low-cost rental and evaluations of their emulators. Prices are in UK Pounds, but don't look too bad. Watch for add-on's. I would suggest renting or evaluating any expensive development tool before committing to purchase.

Leon Heller's Page - has some PIC information as well as an AVR prototype board.

MicroTronics - Provides some nice looking boards for Atmel controllers. The boards would be great for developing prototypes or small volume custom solutions. They also have an ISP board for 89S and 90S parts. They support the PIC too. Check this page out if you need a target board. Some good links to tools too.

Baritek AVR Development tools - This site has some development boards and socket adapters to help with the Atmel AVR.

The DCK AVR pseudo-parallel programmer - This programmer is supposed to enable you to program the RC Osc bit and other things that you can't do with the serial ISP.

AVR-1 Programmer Utilities for Linux - Linux command line tools for the AVR-1 programmer sold by the now defunct ITU Technologies.

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Miscellaneous Information and Useful Links

The AVR Forum - Good Collection of links, FAQs, Sample Code for STK200 and STK300. Sponsored by Kanda Systems Ltd.

http://www.eg3.com/ - Ultimate Internet resource for board level, embedded, real-time, and MCU-MPU markets. Thousands of links and a search engine for the EE.

Wirz Electronics - This site has a IR sensor tutorial as well as their serial LCD interface and other products.

Stefan Wimmer has an Orcad library of AVR parts and some information on a good serial programmer. Expect to see more here soon.

Stelios Cellar - Home of the AVR Web Ring. The site contains many code examples, projects, and great links.

SMT Assembly Tips - My page of how to do quality assembly of prototype and low volume surface mount boards without investing a mint in equipment.

Bray's AVR Related Stuff - Links to some tools, ideas, and applications. STK 200 ISP Programming dongle information from Claudio Lanconelli. Good PC Keyboard and AVR terminal projects.

Cadsoft Eagle is a schematic capture and PCB layout program that has a good AVR parts library.

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Crystal and Oscillator Links.

New Section - Thanks to Stefan Wimmer! There seem to be a lot of questions about this topic so I am adding these handy links.






http://www.murata.com/ - Murata makes ceramic resonators - a viable alternative to crystals for AVR and other micros. See their Application Notes on Resonators. I have used Murata's 4 MHz ceramic resonator with the 90S2313 and 4333 at both 5.0 and 3.3 volt supplies. Works well.

These links are to help you design in the proper crystal, oscillator, or resonator and select appropriate capacitors.

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File Formats - New Section

A listing of links that explain the file formats output by development tools for use in programming devices.

Intel Hex


Motorola S Records






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Where to Buy Atmel Parts

Insight Electronics - Stocks the STK200 and STK300 starter kits. Willing to fill small orders of 100 pieces or less. If you have trouble with the online ordering, give the local office a call.

Arrow Electronics - Distributor of Atmel Parts.

All-American - Distributor of Atmel products as well as a variety of micro, memory, application specific, power, and display components. Have been willing to deal in small quantities.

Pioneer-Standard Industrial Electronics Division - Another Atmel Distributor. For small quantity orders, check out their online store.

Dontronics - Don McKenzie stocks AVR devices in Australia.

Alcom Electronics - Imports Atmel Parts into Holland

DigiKey - Is selling the STK200 and the AT91Sxxx ARM microcontrollers. Expect to see AVR parts as soon as they are available.

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