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  Robot soccer can be portrayed as a competition of advanced robot technology within a confined space. It offers a challenging arena to the young generation and researchers working with autonomous mobile robotic systems. It is hoped that FIRAs flagship event, called the FIRA Robot World Cup (or the FIRA Cup in short), which started in 1996, together with many other FIRA events, will help generate interests in robotics in the young minds.

Through these events, FIRA hopes to help them better understand and appreciate, with interests, the scientific concepts and technological developments involved. FIRA believes that some of these interests will fuel scientific and engineering skills that ultimately develop into research outcomes to serve mankind in a variety of ways.

Ever since its establishment, FIRA has had venues for its annual FIRA Cup in Australia, Brazil, China, France and Korea. Making progress over successive years since 1996, FIRA Cup has now attained world recognition as a robot festival.  ( www.fira.net )

  Game Rule



   MiroSot/ RobotSot/ NaroSot


FIRA MiroSot Game Rules

(Approved by the FIRA Executive Committee.)

The field of play shall be marked as shown in Appendix 1.


position their robots freely in their own area and within the center circle. Then the defending team can place their robots freely in their own area except within the center circle.

At the beginning of the first and second halves, and after a goal has been scored, the ball should be kept within the center circle and the ball should be kicked or passed towards the teams own side. With a signal from the referee, the game shall be started and all robots may move freely.


During goal kick only the goalkeeper will be allowed within the goal area and the ball can be placed anywhere within the goal area. Other robots of the team shall be placed outside the goal area during goal kick. The attacking team will get preference in positioning their robots anywhere on the playground, but it must be as per Law 8.c. The defending team can then place its robots within their own side of the playground. The game shall restart with the referee's whistle.


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