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The 8051 was one of the first microcontroller families, and remains one of the most commonly used. The devices are available from multiple sources, are cheap, have decent tools, and offer a nice upgrade path to larger and more capable parts. The 8051 family was created by Intel, but is now largely driven by other companies, including Atmel, Dallas Semiconductor, and Philips. Devices in the family include the 8031, 8032, 8051, 8052, 80151, 80251, and XA series.


8051 Links


8051 Primer

An introduction to the 8051, especially programming the 8051 in C using the Keil compiler. Discusses the 8051 architecture, memory models, bit-addressable memory, interrupts, register banks, dealing with the stack, and much more.

8051 Projects

A fine collection of projects using the 8051 microcontroller, including a data logger, an infrared controller, a programmable thermostat, a marquee sign, and more.

8051 Source Page

An archive of 8051 code, with serial port code, math functions, LCD drivers, monitor code, DS1820 code, and much more. A great place to look next time you're code-hunting.


Resources, tutorials, code libraries, hardware and software product information, and links for the 8052 mirocontroller family, including 8032, 8051, 8031, MCS51, Dallas 80C320, and more.">

Barry's 8051 Microcontroller Links

Barry Kauler is the author of the "TERSE" and "GOOSEE" multi-tasking kernel, and his 8051 page is a nice collection of links to development tools, board vendors, and other 8051 information.

Myke's 8051 Microcontroller Reference Page

Myke Predko is the author of "Programming and Customizing the 8051 Microcontroller", and the 8051 section of his web site is filled with 8051 resources, including info on the book, an RTOS, math functions, code snippets, and links to other 8051 books and resources.

Paul's 8051 Microcontroller Family

A fine personal site dedicated to 8051 stuff, with an 8051 assembler, a monitor/debugger, an 8051 development board, a library of 8051 source code, and manufacturer's links.

Sam's 8051 Page

"Bits and pieces for the 8051 community" -- Code snippets, tips and tricks, and links. A simple page, but a lot of very fine info.

Other 8051 Links:

8051 Suppliers


Cygnal microcontrollers integrate world-class analog, a high-speed (up to 25MIPS) pipelined 8051 CPU, ISP Flash Memory, and on-chip JTAG based debug in each device.   


Atmel offers a broad range of 8051 architecture microcontrollers, with on-chip Flash program memory. Product line includes industry-standard socket drop-in devices, small footprint 20-pin devices, and In-System Programmable (ISP) parts.

Dallas Semiconductor

Dallas Semiconductor manufactures a variety of 8051-compatible microcontrollers for embedded applications, including secure and high-speed 8051 variants.


Intel was the original architect of the 8051 family, and still offers "classic" 8051's as well as newer-generation MCS151 and MCS251 lines.


Integrated Silicon Solutions Inc. offers a number of 8051-series parts in various packages and speeds.


Philips has developed the broadest line of microcontroller derivatives in the industry, all based on the 80C51 core architecture. They also offer the eXtended Architecture (XA) microcontroller family, a 16-bit extension of the well-established 80C51.

8051 Development Tools / Boards



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