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▒ The followings are for control units for robot and industrial use, and sensor control module.
▒ We supply them at the unit of small-sized module so the users can easily apply or develop, and these have a wide
    range of applications.
▒ Some of the products may be out of stock.
▒ Click the picture of the product, you can see the product information.
▒ We have half-assembled and fully-assembled robots.
    [ Fully-assembled robot : Electric units are soldered and assembled so it can operate immediately.]
    [ Half-assembled robot : It needs soldering and assembling]

Robot Controllers
USB-ISS Processor
USB-ISS-SV - Enhanced USB-I2C Module
RD03 - 24v Robot drive
RD02 - 12v robot drive
SCR02 - Intelligent Relay Controller
USB to I2C Interface module
Remocon Receiving-Control Module Set(not assembled)
DataGlove System
Mini Ultrasonic Module
FPGA Jtag V1.0
Dataglove board
AVRISP Cable#2
Remocon Receiving-Control Module(not assembled)
RbcMega128 control board
RbcMega16 control board
Sensor Modules
HMC5883L Triple Axis Compass Magnetometer Module Breakout
Optical flow sensor board
I2C-LVL01-Pin header
SHARP IR Ranger Sensor GP2Y0A21YK0F-(GP2D12 upgrade version)
SHARP IR Ranger Sensor GP2Y0A41SK0F
Infrared Proximity Sensor
Raindrop Sensor
Sound Sensor Module
Vibration Sensor
TSA01 - Analogue Temperature Sensor
CMPS09(10) module
Magnetic Compass Module
Thermopile array
Line Sensor Module
Remote control receiver
Remote control set#2(not assembled)
Remote control set #1(not assembled)
Mouse sensor module
Tentacle switch module
Sound recognition sensor module
Gas Detector Sensor Module
Linetracer sensor module
Voice Recognition
Voice Recognition & Synthesis Module for Relay only(JT-3200)
Voice Recognition Module for Robot(JT-2000)
Voice recognition module set
Power Units
AMS1117 12V to 5.5V 3V 1A Linear Regulator
AMS1117 Linear Regulator Breadboard Set
Multi Output Power Regulator Module
Power Regulator(7805)-5V
Power Regulator(LM2575)-5V
Motor drive
2 channel motor drive (LMD18200)
MD14 - 24V 5A H-bridge motor driver
PWM motor drive (BTN7930)
Motor Drive (BTN7930)
Motor Drive (LMD18200)
MD49 - 24V 5A Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver
MD23-12V 3A Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver
MD25 - 12V 2.8A Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver
H-Bridge Motor Driver
Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver
Arduino DC Motor Drive
Arduino PWM DC Motor Drive
Arduino DC Motor Drive(Not assembled)
1-CH Stepping Motor Control Module #1
Mobile Robot Motor Control
1-CH Stepping Motor Control Module
DC Motor Drive(For One Channel)
DC Motor Drive(For Two Channels)
Stepping motor control module #2
DC motor control module (assembled)
Stepping motor control module (assembled)
DC motor control module #2 (assembled)
DC motor control module #1 (assembled)
DC motor control module #1 (not assembled)
Ultrasonic Sensor Module
RS485 Ultrasonic Sensor Module
Single Transducer Ultrasonic Ranger(SRF01)
SRF02 Ultrasonic Sensor Module
Lowest priced ultrasonic sensor module
Ultra-small ultrasonic sensor module
SRF10 Mounting Set
High performance ultrasonic sensor module
Pencil Beam Ultrasonic Sensor Module
Ultrasonic Sensor Module#1
Relay Control Board
USB-RLY82 - 2 channel USB relay
dS3484 - 4 x 16A ethernet relay
dS1242 - 2 x 16A ethernet relay
USB-RLY02 - 2 x 16A USB relay
ETH008 - 8 x 16A ethernet relay
ETH002 - 2 x 16A ethernet relay
BT004 - 4 x 16A Bluetooth Relay
DMX-USB-RX-RLY8 - 4 relays, 4 SSR
DMX-USB-RX-D8 - 8 digital outputs
DMX-USB-RX-A8 - 8 analogue outputs
DMX-USB-RX-RLY8 - 8 relays
ETH002C - Case for the ETH002
ETH008C - Case for the ETH008
ETH484 - 4 x 16A ethernet relay
ETH484C - Case for the ETH484
ETH8020 - 20 x 16A ethernet relay
ETH8020C - Case for the ETH8020
ETH044 - 4 x 5A SSR module
ETH0621 - 24vdc motor controller
MIDI-RLY08 - 8 relay, 0 dimmer
MIDI-RLY08 - 4 relay, 4 dimmer
MIDI-RLY08 - 0 relay, 8 dimmer
USB-OPTO-RLY816 - 8 optically isolated inputs, 8 x 16A relays
USB-OPTO-RLY88 - 8 optically isolated inputs, 8 relays
USB-RLY16L - 8 x 16A latching relay module
USB-RLY16 - 8 x 16A relay module
WIFI8020 - 20 x 16A WIFI relay
WIFI484 - 4 x 16A WIFI relay
WIFI008 - 8 x 16A WIFI relay
WIFI002 - 2 x 16A WIFI relay
USB-RLY16L - 16Amp, 8 Channel Relay Module
USB-RLY16 - 16Amp, 8 Channel Relay Module
USB-RLY02 - 2 Channel Relay Module
ETH008 - 16Amp, 8 Channel Relay Module
USB-OPTO-RLY88 - 8 Channel Optically Isolated Inputs, 8 Channel Relays
ETH8020 - 16Amp, 20 Channel Relay Module
ETH484 - 16Amp, 4 Channel Relay Module
ETH002 - 16Amp, 2 Channel Relay Module
RLY08 - 8 Channel Relay Module
dS2824 - 24 x 16A ethernet relay
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