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▒ The following products are Micro processor main boards and Training Kits.
▒ We provide these kits at low price so thaty users can learn easily about the Micro processor.
▒ Products include circuit diagram and source program and these are the best products for experiment.
▒ Some of the products may be out of stock temporarily.
▒ Click the picture of the product, you can see the product information.
▒ We have half-assembled and fully-assembled robots.
   [ Fully-assembled robot : Electric units are soldered and assembled so it can operate immediately.]
   [ Half-assembled robot : It needs soldering and assembling]

8051 MicroController
8051+AVR+PIC unification kit (assembled)
8051+AVR+PIC unification kit(not assembled)
AT89S51 Main board
AVR+8051 Main board
AT89S51 Main kit(not assembled)
8051 Test board (not assembled)
8051 Test board (assembled)
8051 Overall Kit(not assembled)
8051 Overall Kit(assembled)
8051 MainBoard(not assembled)
8051 MainBoard(assembled)
AVR MicroController
AT90CAN128 Main Board#2
ATtiny2313 Test board #1(unassembled)
ATmega128 Module
AT90CAN128 Main Board(assembled)
ATmega128 Main Board #3(assembled)
ATmega2560 Main Board(assembled)
ATMEGA128 Test Board Set
ATmega128 Main#3
ATmega128 Base #2
ATmega128 Base #1
ROBOBLOCK Basic module
ATMEGA128 Test board (assembled)
ATMEGA128 Test board (not assembled)
Servo control kit(assembled)
Servo control kit(not assembled)
ATtiny2313 Test board #1(assembled)
ATtiny2313 Test board #2(assembled)
ATtiny2313 Test board #2(no assembled)
Mega128 main module #2(assembled)
ATtiny2313 board #1(assembled)
Mega128 board (assembled)
PIC MicroController
PIC16F84 Test board (assembled)
PIC16F84 Test board (not assembled)
80C196KC MicroController
80c196kc Main board #2(assembled)
80c196kc Main board and training kit
80c196kc training kit (assembled)
80c196kc MainBoard(assembled)
80c196kc MainBoard(not assembled)
Deeptech/ARM MicroController
DTES1 Expansion Board
DTES150V Module
DTES150 Module
DTES110V Module
DTES110 Module
DTES105V Module
DTES105 Module
DTES100 EVL Board
DTES100 Base Board
DTIO#1 Base Board
AT91SAM7S Module(64)
AT91SAM7S Module(128)
AT91SAM7S module(256)
UBICOM MicroController
Ethernet To Serial Module
Internet web control module
Printer Port
Data acquisition board #2
Data acquisition board
Printer port test kit
FPGA Board
Xilinx FPGA XC3S200 Mainboard(assebled)
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