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This robot is composed of four-wheeled moving robot and the upper part of human robot, and its moving and operations are controlled by Zigbee wireless module or remote-controller.
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Country : KOREA
Product code : RK-WL-044
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▒ Quantity : EA
1. Specifications

- The upper part of HUROI robot

- Atmega128 control module

- Controlled by Zigbee wireless module

- Robot control servo motor

- PathFinder robot body

- Geared DC Motor, 4ea

- Motor drive equipped

- Operation control by Zigbee wireless module

- Robot control board

- 12V battery

- Battery charger provided

- ISP cable(for program downloading-tobe sold separately)

- Codevision C Language source

- Playstaion robot remote-controller provided

2. Important

- This product is not assembled, and user should assemble and operate in person.

- Troubles regarding assembly are beyond our responsibility.

- A/S service regarding assembly and operation may require additional cost.

- The color of robot may be different from the pictures.

3. Dimensions

33cm long x 28cm wide x 33cm high

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