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3D Printer(XMore)
3D Printer New X product.A 3D printer created by combining the appearance of traditional products with new designs.Ordinary users are also configured for ease of use.
Country : KOREA
Manufacturer : ROBOBLOCK
Product code : XMore
1. product descriptions

This product is a 3D printer that can be used as a 3D printer to print 3D printing and print 3D products and is a product that is effective in product research or product creation.Print out a variety of products

2. Product characteristics

- Available in PLA and ABS materials

- Model Size : 150 * 150 * 150 mm

- 220 volt power supply

- Deliver Cura software

- Providing User Manual

- Changed STL file to print

- Workspace 200 * 200 * 200

- Colours : Ivory Color

3. Provide relevant information and materials

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