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▒ The followings are for control units for robot and industrial use, and sensor control module.
▒ We supply them at the unit of small-sized module so the users can easily apply or develop, and these have a wide
    range of applications.
▒ Some of the products may be out of stock.
▒ Click the picture of the product, you can see the product information.
▒ We have half-assembled and fully-assembled robots.
    [ Fully-assembled robot : Electric units are soldered and assembled so it can operate immediately.]
    [ Half-assembled robot : It needs soldering and assembling]

Robot Controllers
Remocon Receiving-Control Module Set(not assembled)(Code:CK-RC-010)
AT91SAM7Sxxx DONGLE(Code:CK-RC-009)
DataGlove System (Code CK-RC-008)
Mini Ultrasonic Module(Code:CK-RC-007)
FPGA Jtag V1.0(Code:CK-RC-006)
Dataglove board(Code:CK-RC-005)
AVRISP Cable#2(Code:CK-RC-004)
Remocon Receiving-Control Module(not assembled)(Code:CK-RC-003)
RbcMega128 control board(Code:CK-RC-002)
RbcMega16 control board(Code:CK-RC-001)
Sensor Modules
1-CH Stepping Motor Control Module #1(Code:CK-SM-020)
Mobile Robot Motor Control(Code:CK-SM-019)
1-CH Stepping Motor Control Module(Code:CK-SM-018)
DC Motor Drive(For One Channel) (Code CK-SM-017)
DC Motor Drive(For Two Channels)(Code:CK-SM-016)
Line Sensor Module(Code:CK-SM-015)
Remote control receiver(Code:CK-SM-014)
Remote control set#2(not assembled)(Code:CK-SM-013)
Remote control set #1(not assembled)(Code:CK-SM-012)
Stepping motor control module #2(Code:CK-SM-011)
Mouse sensor module(Code:CK-SM-010)
Tentacle switch module(Code:CK-SM-009)
Sound recognition sensor module
DC motor control module (assembled)(Code:CK-SM-007)
Gas Detector Sensor Module(Code:CK-SM-006)
Linetracer sensor module(Code:CK-SM-005)
Stepping motor control module (assembled)(Code:CK-SM-004)
DC motor control module #2 (assembled)(Code:CK-SM-003)
DC motor control module #1 (assembled)(Code:CK-SM-002)
DC motor control module #1 (not assembled)(Code:CK-SM-001)
Voice Recognition
RFID Module(JT-6000)(Code:CK-VR-004)
Voice Recognition & Synthesis Module for Relay only(JT-3200)(Code:CK-VR-003)
Voice Recognition Module for Robot(JT-2000)(Code:CK-VR-002)
Voice recognition module set(Code:CK-VR-001)
Power Units
DTCCD(PWM type)(Code:CK-PU-005)
Multi Output Power Regulator Module(Code:CK-PU-003)
Power Regulator(7805)-5V(Code:CK-PU-002)
Power Regulator(LM2575)-5V(Code:CK-PU-001)
Motor drive
Arduino DC Motor Drive
Arduino PWM DC Motor Drive
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