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▒ The following products are Micro processor main boards and Training Kits.
▒ We provide these kits at low price so thaty users can learn easily about the Micro processor.
▒ Products include circuit diagram and source program and these are the best products for experiment.
▒ Some of the products may be out of stock temporarily.
▒ Click the picture of the product, you can see the product information.
▒ We have half-assembled and fully-assembled robots.
   [ Fully-assembled robot : Electric units are soldered and assembled so it can operate immediately.]
   [ Half-assembled robot : It needs soldering and assembling]

8051 MicroController
8051+AVR+PIC unification kit (assembled)(Code:MK-8051-013)
8051+AVR+PIC unification kit(not assembled)(Code:MK-8051-012)
AT89S51 Main board(Code:MK-8051-011)
AVR+8051 Main board(Code:MK-8051-010)
AT89S51 Main kit(not assembled)(Code:MK-8051-007)
8051 Test board (not assembled)(Code:MK-8051-006)
8051 Test board (assembled)(Code:MK-8051-005)
8051 Training Kit(not assembled)(Code:MK-8051-004)
8051 Training Kit(assembled)(Code:MK-8051-003)
8051 MainBoard(not assembled)(Code:MK-8051-002)
8051 MainBoard(assembled)(Code:MK-8051-001)
ATmega128 Module(Code:MK-AVR-019)
AT90CAN128 Main Board(assembled)(Code:MK-AVR-018)
ATmega128 Main Board #3(assembled)(Code:MK-AVR-017)
ATmega2560 Main Board(Code:MK-AVR-016)
ATMEGA128 Test Board Set(Code:MK-AVR-015)
ATmega128 Main#4(Code:MK-AVR-014)
atmega 128 base(Code:MK-AVR-013)
ROBOBLOCK Basic module(Code:MK-AVR-011)
ATMEGA128 Test board (assembled)(Code:MK-AVR-010)
ATMEGA128 test board (not assembled)(Code:MK-AVR-009)
Servo control kit(assembled)(Code:MK-AVR-008)
Servo control kit(not assembled)(Code:MK-AVR-007)
ATtiny2313 Test board #1(assembled)(Code:MK-AVR-006)
ATtiny2313 Test board #2(assembled)(Code:MK-AVR-005)
ATtiny2313 Test board #2(no assembled)(Code:MK-AVR-004
Mega128 main module #2(assembled)(Code:MK-AVR-003)
tiny2313 board #1(assembled)(Code:MK-AVR-002)
Mega128 board (assembled)(Code:MK-AVR-001)
PIC16F84 Test board (assembled)(Code:MK-PIC-002)
PIC16F84 Test board (not assembled)(Code:MK-PIC-001)
i80c196base board(Code:MK-80C-006)
80c196kc Main board #2(assembled)(Code:Mk-80C-005)
80c196kc Main board and training kit(Code:MK-80C-004)
80c196kc training kit (assembled)(Code:MK-80C-003)
80c196kc MainBoard(assembled)(Code:MK-80C-002)
80c196kc MainBoard(not assembled)(Code:MK-80C-001)
DTES1 Expansion Board(Code MK-ARM-013)
DTES150V Module(Code:MK-ARM-012)
DTES150 Module(Code:MK-ARM-011)
DTES110V Module(Code:MK-ARM-010)
DTES110 Module(Code:MK-ARM-009)
DTES105V Module(Code:MK-ARM-008)
DTES105 Module(Code:MK-ARM-007)
DTES100 EVL Board(Code:MK-ARM-006)
DTES100 Base Board(Code:MK-ARM-005)
DTIO#1 Base Board(Code:MK-ARM-004)
AT91SAM7S Module(64)(Code:MK-ARM-003)
AT91SAM7S Module(128)(Code:MK-ARM-002)
AT91SAM7S module(256)(Code:MK-ARM-001)
Ethernet To Serial Module(Code:MK-UBI-002)
Internet web control module(Code:MK-UBI-001)
Printer Port
Data acquisition board #2(Code:MK-PR-003)
Data acquisition board(Code:MK-PR-002)
Printer port test kit(Code:MK-PR-001)
FPGA Board
ALTERAPLD(EPM3064A) Main(Code:MK-FPGA-002)
Xilinx FPGA XC3S200 Mainboard(assebled)(Code:MK-FPGA-001)
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