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▒ This product is embedded system training kits.
▒ It has various function for easy experiment and extensively used in institution, university, high school..etc.
▒ If you want to buy some product, click now purchase. Some product might be out of stock, so you may not buy some kind of product.
▒ Click the picture of products, you can see the product's informations.
▒ Using an estimate sheet when you do bulk purchase, we will offer quick answer.
▒ We provide circuit diagram, source program. If you do bulk purchase, we supply free teaching program.

Arduino Robot Kits
Embedded 6410 Board(Code:EM-010)
Cam Viewer System (Code EM-009)
ATmega128 Training Kit(Code:EM-008)
AT90CAN128 Training Kit(Code:EM-007)
Xilinx FPGA XC3S200 Training Kit(Code:EM-006)
Embedded OS training system (Code EM-005)
Embedded network data equisition system (Code EM-004)
ATMega128 Training kit(Code:EM-003)
8051 Training KIt(Code:EM-002)
ARM9 MainBoard(2440)(Code:EM-001)
Arduino Robot Kit
Arduino Line(unassembled product)
Arduino Line(assembled product)
Auduno Totopobot (unassembled product)
Auduno Totopobot (assembled product)
Arduino DC Motor Drive
Arduino Pathfinder(assembled product)
Arduino Hackers Robot(Not Assembled)
Arduino Hackers Robot(Assembled)
Arduino Pathfinder(Semifinished goods)
Soccer Robot(assembled)
Soccer Robot(not assembled)
Arduino ant Robot # 1(assembled product)
Arduino ant Robot # 1(unassembled product)
Arduino ultrasonic waves robot
Android remote control tank robot
Motor gearbox and two wheels
CDS Light sense robot
Bluetooth communication robot
Follow up with Arduino (Robono) + kit kit
(Robot ARM)#3(unassembled product)
(Robot ARM)#3(assembled product)
로봇암(Robot ARM)2#(반제품)
로봇암(Robot ARM)2#(완제품)
아두이노 5관절 로봇 암#6(반제품)
아두이노 5관절 로봇 암#6(완제품)
아두이노 로봇 암#2(반제품)
아두이노 로봇 암#2(완제품)
아두이노 로봇 암(알루미늄)#4(반제품)
아두이노 로봇암(알루미늄)#4(완제품)
아두이노 라인트레이서#2 kit (완제품)
아두이노 라인트레이서#2 kit (반제품)
Arduino Line Tracer Kit (Finished goods)
Arduino Line Tracer Kit(Semifinished goods)
Soccer Robot(assembled)(Code:RK-WL-036)
Soccer Robot(not assembled)(Code:RK-WL-035)
Arduino Board
Arduino Uno(정품)
Arduino Uno(비정품)
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