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Robot Insects & Animals
Power Ant Robot (assembled)(Code:RK-INS-014)
Power Ant Robot (not assembled)(Code:RK-INS-013)
Dancing Robot (assembled)(Code:RK-INS-012)
Dancing Robot (not assembled)(Code:RK-INS-011)
Robot Arm2# (assembled)(Code:RK-INS-010)
Robot Arm2# (not assembled)(Code:RK-INS-009)
Ant Robot#1(AT89S51)-assembled(Code:RK-INS-008)
Ant Robot#1(AT89S51)-not assembled(Code:RK-INS-007)
Hexapod #1(assembled)-2313(Code:RK-INS-006)
Hexapod#1(not assembled)-2313(Code:RK-INS-005)
Hexapod#1(not assembled)-2051(Code:RK-INS-003)
Robot Arm#3(assembled)(Code:RK-INS-002)
Robot Arm#3(not assembled)(Code:RK-INS-001)
Wheeled Robots
Robot Base #4(Code:RK-WL-050)
Robot Base #3(Code:RK-WL-049)
Robot Base #2(Code:RK-WL-048)
Robot Base #1(Code:RK-WL-047)
Tank Robot Base(Code:RK-WL-046)
Remote-control Tank Robot(Code:RK-WL-045)
Explorer Robot(Code:RK-WL-043)
IRsensor Mobile Robot(Code:RK-WL-039)
Ultrasonic Mobile Robot(Code:RK-WL-038)
Ultrasonic Sensor Robot(not assembled)(Code:RK-WL-034)
Mobile Robot Base #2(assembled)(Code:RK-WL-033)
Hackers Robot(Not assembled)(Code:RK-WL-032)
Pathfinder(Not assembled)(Code:RK-WL-031)
Hackers Body(Code:RK-WL-030)
Hackers body + Remocon Receiving Control Module(Not assembled)(Code:RK-WL-029)
Pathfinder Body(Code:RK-WL-028)
Pathfinder Body + Remocon Receiving Control Module(Not assembled)(Code:RK-WL-027)
Remote controling Robot(not assembled)(Code:RK-WL-026)
Tank Robot(Code:RK-WL-025)
Linetracer #3(assembled,ATmega16)(Code:RK-WL-024)
Linetracer #3(not assembled,ATmega16)(Code:RK-WL-023)
Line kit (not assembled)(Code:RK-WL-022)
Mobile Robot base(Code:RK-WL-021)
WaveBot-(not assembled)(Code:RK-WL-020)
Micro mouse (not assembled)(Code:RK-WL-019)
SpeedBot (not assembled)(Code:RK-WL-018)
TocToc-E(ATtiny2313)kit(not assembled)(Code:RK-WL-016)
TocToc-E(AT89C2051)kit(not assembled)(Code:RK-WL-014)
new linetracer(ATtiny2313)kit(assembled)(Code:RK-WL-013)
new linetracer(ATtiny2313)kit(not assembled)(Code:RK-WL-012)
new linetracer(AT89C2051)kit(assembled)(Code:RK-WL-011)
new linetracer(AT89C2051)kit(not assembled)(Code:RK-WL-010)
Basic toctoc-Ebot (assembled)(Code:RK-WL-009)
Basic TocToc-E bot (not assembled)(Code:RK-WL-008)
Basic linebot (assembled)(Code:RK-WL-007)
Basic linebot (not assembled)(Code:RK-WL-006)
newRobo-Z(not assembled)(Code:RK-WL-005)
linekit(not assembled)(Code:RK-WL-003)
Line Tracer #2(Assembled)(Code:RK-WL-002)
Linetracer#2(not assembled)(Code:RK-WL-001)
Joint Robots
New Huroi robot
mini human robot #1
Remote-control moving robot arm(Code : RK-JNT-012)
Multi-Joint 6-leg Robot #4(Not assembled)(Code : RK-JNT-011)
Multi-Joint 6-leg Robot #3(Not assembled)(Code RK-JNT-010)
Quadruped robot(Code:RK-JNT-009)
2-leg Walking Robot(not assembled)(Code:RK-JNT-008)
RobotArm(Aluminium)#4(not assembled)(Code:RK-JNT-006)
Huroi Robot(not assembled)(Code:RK-JNT-005)
Multi-joint-4leg-Robot#1(not assembled)(Code:RK-JNT-004)
Multi-joint 6-leg Robot#1(not assembled)(Code:RK-JNT-003)
Multi-joint 6-leg Robot#2(not assembled)(Code:RK-JNT-002)
5-Joint Robot Arm(not assembled)(Code:RK-JNT-001)
Hexa pesticide drones 20L
Hexa pesticide drones 5L
Roboblock mini Drone Set
Marine Structural Drone
EgaleOne Y6 Tricopter set#2(Red)
EgaleOne Y6 Tricopter set#2(White)
FE500 Quadcopter Frame kit
EgaleOne QuadCopter Set #2(Red)
EgaleOne QuadCopter Set #2(White)
Hexacopter Package FullSet
EgaleOne Y6 Tricopter set#1(Red)
Carbon Fiber Quadcopter#1 FullSet
EgaleOne Y6 Tricopter set#1(White)
Tricopter Package FullSet
4축 농약드론(10L)
EgaleOne QuadCopter Set #1(Red)
헥사 농약드론(10L)
EgaleOne QuadCopter Set #1(White)
Quadruplet Pesticide Drone (10L)
Y6 Tricopter full set#1
헥사 농약드론(5L)
Quadcopter full set#1
Octocopter Folding Frame Cabone Fiber MultiCop
Hexacopter Folding Frame Cabone Fiber MultiCop
QuadCopter full set #2
Quadcopter Folding Frame Cabone Fiber MultiCop
TriCopter Folding Frame Cabone Fiber MultiCop
HexaCopter full set #2
Hexacopter Package with ESC, BLDC
4WD Omni Wheel Mobile robot body
Nano Quadcopter Kit 10-DOF with Crazyradio
Pendulum teaching set
Nano Quadcopter Kit 10-DOF
Quadcopter Drone Full Set
mini Drone training set
Carbon Fiber Quadcopter#1
Tricopter Package With ESC, BLDC
Quadcopter Package With ESC, BLDC
2WD transparent robot base - Roboino,Rasberry Pie, Aduino
Dragonfly Y3 Tricopter DIY Frame Kit
2WD robot base - Rasberry Pie, Aduino
Carbon Fiber Quadcopter
2WD 투명 자동차 로봇 베이스 #2-아두이노, 라즈베리파이용
2WD 자동차 로봇 베이스 #1-아두이노, 라즈베리파이용
200mm Mini Quadcopter Frame Kit Racing quad
Egale Y6 Drone#1(White)
Egale Drone #1(White)
Egale Y6 Drone#1(Red)
Egale Drone #1(Red)
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