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MicroController Kits
Control Kits
Development Tools
Robot Parts
RF Modules
3D Printer
Electronic Parts
Roboblock Manual
Robot Kits/Drone
Ocean Exploration Robot SET
Marine Exploration Robot SPYBOT
Pendulum teaching set
Robot Insects & Animals
Power Ant Robot (assembled)
Power Ant Robot (not assembled)
Dancing Robot (assembled)
Dancing Robot (not assembled)
Robot Arm2# (assembled)
Robot Arm2# (not assembled)
Ant Robot#1(AT89S51)-assembled
Ant Robot#1(AT89S51)-not assembled
Hexapod #1(assembled)-2313
Hexapod#1(not assembled)-2313
Hexapod#1(not assembled)-2051
Robot Arm#3(assembled)
Robot Arm#3(not assembled)
Wheeled Robots
Bulldozer Robot(not assembled)
Forklift Robot(not assembled)
Remote Exploration Robot(not assembled)
Remote Exploration Robot #2(not assembled)
Soccer Robot(assembled)
Soccer Robot(not assembled)
MS-CM-S - Research Platform for RD02
Tracked Tank Robot Kit
4WD Mecanum Wheel Mobile Robot
Tri-Tracked Tank Robot Kit
4WD Mecanum Wheel Basic Robot Kit
RC Tri-Tracked Tank Robot Kit
RC Tri-Tracked Tank Mobile Robot Kit
3WD Omni Wheel Starter Mobile Robot Kit
WOR-R1 - Research platform for RD02
WOR-R2 - Research platform for RD03
Mobile robot base(W)
Mobile robot base(B)
4WD Omni Wheel Mobile Robot Kit
Super Size HD Tracked Tank Mobile Robot Kit
HD Tracked Tank Mobile Robot Kit
4WD Omni Wheel Mobile robot body
Robot Base #4
Robot Base #3
Robot Base #2
Robot Base #1
Tank Robot Base
Remote-control Tank Robot
Explorer Robot
IRsensor Mobile Robot
Ultrasonic Mobile Robot
Ultrasonic Sensor Robot(not assembled)
Mobile Robot Base #2(assembled)
Hackers Robot(Not assembled)
Pathfinder(Not assembled)
Hackers Body
Hackers body + Remocon Receiving Control Module(Not assembled)
Pathfinder Body
Pathfinder Body + Remocon Receiving Control Module(Not assembled)
Remote controling Robot(not assembled)
Tank Robot
Linetracer #3(assembled,ATmega16)
Linetracer #3(not assembled,ATmega16)
Line kit (not assembled)
Mobile Robot base
WaveBot-(not assembled)
Micro mouse (not assembled)
SpeedBot (not assembled)
TocToc-E(ATtiny2313)kit(not assembled)
TocToc-E(AT89C2051)kit(not assembled)
new linetracer(ATtiny2313)kit(assembled)
new linetracer(ATtiny2313)kit(not assembled)
new linetracer(AT89C2051)kit(assembled)
new linetracer(AT89C2051)kit(not assembled)
Basic toctoc-Ebot (assembled)
Basic TocToc-E bot (not assembled)
Basic linebot (assembled)
Basic linebot (not assembled)
newRobo-Z(not assembled)
linekit(not assembled)
Line Tracer #2(Assembled)
Linetracer#2(not assembled)
Joint Robots
New Huroi robot(Not assembled)
mini human robot #1
Remote-control moving robot arm
Multi-Joint 6-leg Robot #4(Not assembled)
Multi-Joint 6-leg Robot #3(Not assembled)
Quadruped robot
2-leg Walking Robot(not assembled)
RobotArm(Aluminium)#4(not assembled)
Huroi Robot(not assembled)
Multi-joint 4-leg-Robot#1(not assembled)
Multi-joint 6-leg Robot#1(not assembled)
Multi-joint 6-leg Robot#2(not assembled)
5-Joint Robot Arm(not assembled)
Educational QuadCoter Kit
Hexa pesticide drones 20L
Hexa pesticide drones 5L
Roboblock mini Drone Set
Marine Rescue Drone
EgaleOne Y6 Tricopter set#2(Red)
EgaleOne Y6 Tricopter set#2(White)
FE500 Quadcopter Frame kit
EgaleOne QuadCopter Set #2(Red)
EgaleOne QuadCopter Set #2(White)
Hexacopter Package FullSet
EgaleOne Y6 Tricopter set#1(Red)
Carbon Fiber Quadcopter#1 FullSet
EgaleOne Y6 Tricopter set#1(White)
Tricopter Package FullSet
4 axis pesticide drones (10L)
EgaleOne QuadCopter Set #1(Red)
Hexa pesticide drones (10L)
EgaleOne QuadCopter Set #1(White)
Quadruplet Pesticide Drone (10L)
Y6 Tricopter full set#1
Hexa pesticide drones 5L
Quadcopter full set#1
Octocopter Folding Frame Cabone Fiber MultiCop
Hexacopter Folding Frame Cabone Fiber MultiCop
QuadCopter full set #2
Quadcopter Folding Frame Cabone Fiber MultiCop
TriCopter Folding Frame Cabone Fiber MultiCop
HexaCopter full set #2
Hexacopter Package with ESC, BLDC
Nano Quadcopter Kit 10-DOF with Crazyradio
Nano Quadcopter Kit 10-DOF
Quadcopter Drone Full Set
mini Drone training set
Carbon Fiber Quadcopter#1
Tricopter Package With ESC, BLDC
Quadcopter Package With ESC, BLDC
Dragonfly Y3 Tricopter DIY Frame Kit
Carbon Fiber Quadcopter
200mm Mini Quadcopter Frame Kit Racing quad
Egale Y6 Drone#1(White)
Egale Drone #1(White)
Egale Y6 Drone#1(Red)
Egale Drone #1(Red)
Battle Robot
Battle Robot(not assembled)
Battle Robot Gear
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